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Plataforma que reúne conteúdo dos melhores canais de educação do YouTube. Lá, você pode buscar a disciplina a que deseja assistir. O conteúdo é gratuito e completamente em português, com matérias do ensino fundamental e médio.

Passei Direto

É uma plataforma colaborativa na qual os inscritos (estudantes) trocam  materiais de estudo, tiram dúvidas sobre matérias, e compartilham seus conhecimentos. O aplicativo pode ser baixado aqui.

Me salva

Plataforma que  que oferece conteúdo para estudantes de níveis médio e superior.  Pode ser usado por alunos que buscam por conteúdo facilitado para as suas matérias e por professores e instituições para criar turmas online e oferecer conteúdo de apoio para os alunos.

Ensino Médio Digital

Disponibiliza gratuitamente uma plataforma online com materiais relacionados ao ensino médio, Enem e vestibular. São 9.346 questões e 964 horas de aulas. Também é possível avaliar seus conhecimentos com testes e simulados.


 Se você sabe de…

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When does human life begin?

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Righteous Man

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Chronicles of Jeremiah

I strive fully to be a righteous man. I mean that truly though I know at moments I have weakness. I have thousands of people in my town alone that are not as righteous as I, but to absolve me from persecution on that fact alone is foolishness.

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Chinnamastā: The Goddess Who Decapitates Herself

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Laura Dunn

A simple online catalogue of images for researching Mahāvidyā Chinnamastā—seemingly gruesome, but a possible symbol of self-sacrifice and liberation for the sake of others.

One day Pārvatī went to bathe in the Mandākinī River… with her attendants, Jayā and Vijayā. After bathing, the great goddesses color became black because she was sexually aroused. After some time, her two attendants asked her, “Give us some food. We are hungry.” She replied, “I shall give you food, but please wait.” After a while, again they asked her. She replied, “Please wait, I am thinking about some matters.” Waiting awhile, they implored her, “You are the mother of the universe. A child asks everything from her mother. The mother gives her children not only food but also coverings for the body. So that is why we are praying to you for food. You are known for your mercy; please give us food.” Hearing…

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Christ Has Already Defeated The Powers Of This Sinful World!

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Settled In Heaven Blog

SIHs HALTAL ICON RevChristRev 13:3 KJV -And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after this wild, dangerous beast.

For the SIH devotional on this subject:

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BOM DIA brasil


A world we created to resemble a little of what we hope heaven would be like. But, they always have alternative aspects. A world with greater possibilities than our actual reality.

Is it wrong for those who get to sucked into fantasy? Some could argue organized church and religion is fantasy. So aren’t the people involved in dungeons and dragons almost the same thing? Just an alternative way to make reality a little less horrifying.

There’s days where I wish I could have the mind set of the individuals who can believe is something, and because of all of the faith they have from believing, they live happier lives. But, I can’t put my mind on one belief because every single one has similiarities. I rip and shred every aspect of the belief and I ask questions that seems like nobody has ever asked before, because they always come up…

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